Paul Rowley | Director | Campbell & Rowley

Paul Rowley

Paul Rowley – Director, Campbell & Rowley

Paul comes from a long line of ‘Sandgrown’, passionate catering and event management professionals. In 1990 he established Rowley’s Catering which grew consistently until the partnership with Lindsay Campbell in 2014, the rest as they say is history.
Paul has achieved numerous accolades including a prestigious award from the international food & wine society, not presented in his area for over 40 years. He has catered for many prominent figures and was even invited to cook for Prince Charles.
Developing and delivering great British food for restaurants and event and wedding catering are all in a day’s work at Campbell & Rowley. Paul is also dedicated to raising standards in catering and food production and he supports skills development for the next generation in partnership with a local College.

Favourite dish? My Dad’s chicken dinner. He’s also a chef and taught me the basics in my youth, the flavours he gets into his food are unbelievable.
Favourite drink? Good quality tea, I couldn’t survive the day without a good brew.