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Bar and Drinks service

reception drinks being served at hoghton tower

Lovingly stirred, expertly poured or just on the rocks.

Everything about your event must flow, including the drinks!

At the core of Campbell & Rowley is a group of experienced drink and event professionals who are able to push the boundaries with their extensive knowledge, production skills and network of contacts within the industry.

Whether its sourcing that special wine to compliment your menu, creating a stylish personalised bar, mixing a range of personalised cocktails or just ensuring that the bride’s father has his favourite brew on tap at his daughter’s wedding, the scope of what we can achieve is endless.

Heather Creasey, Campbell & Rowley Events Manager, explains
“Flexibility is always key to our team, so we offer a fully staffed complete bar service arranged and stocked to your specific requirements and full of innovative ideas. Our sense of style mixed with fun and professional service will delight your guests and leave a lasting impression of your event”

So, whether it’s shaken, lovingly stirred, with a twist, on the rocks, expertly poured or just efficiently served, Campbell & Rowley’s team cares for your event just as you do.

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