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Party catering | Canapes

Asparagus wrapped parma ham

Naughty nibbles, divine desserts and delicious culinary creations

We offer hand made fresh canapés of the highest standard. Bite sized, tasting spoons, in a shot or on a stick. We strive to use quality fresh produce combined with the expert art of cooking and creating fun, innovative canapés that are themed and designed to your specifications.

Paul Rowley explains……
“Although these little treats can be extremely time consuming to make, the pleasure they create is remarkable. Whether it’s canapés being delivered to someone’s home for a dinner party, or a prelude to a much bigger occasion, the results are always the same ……. People love them”

We like to think out of the box (or in this case, the bowl!)

Through our creative catering flair, we now have a range of bowl food, a substantial and stylish alternative. Think of ‘Mini Mains’.

Served in ceramic bowls, unusual cones of wooden boats, eaten standing up they are the perfect alternative to the finger buffet.

They can be designed in keeping with your theme, ranging from local produce to Mediterranean chic to Thai curries. It’s a great informal way of eating. We can simply pass the bowls around to your guests or design food stalls to serve them from.

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