Sienna’s 3rd Birthday Party – Monday 1st January 2018 | Campbell & Rowley

Sienna’s 3rd Birthday Party – Monday 1st January 2018

Sienna’s 3rd Birthday Party – Monday 1st January 2018

Minion Madness!

This is the second year Campbell & Rowley have been asked to cater for the delightful Sienna’s birthday and it’s more than a perfect way to start the very beginning of the year. To be invited into a client’s home and be welcomed with beaming smiles and a cheeky hug to try and get a sneak bite before the food is ready is simply heart-warming.

Sascha had gotten in touch earlier in 2017 to ask if we could return to cater for Sienna’s birthday again, only this time there was to be a minion theme running through out the day! We were of course more than happy to oblige and put a menu together with a subtle hint of minion magic to tie in with Sienna’s day.

A stunning kitchen and reception room was soon transformed into the ‘Mayhem Zone’ with inflatable banana’s, fart guns, a scattering of very excitable screaming children and 2 overly enthusiastic ladies dressed as minions and scientists from ‘It’s My Party Official’ – if ever you need children entertainers this is certainly the place to go!

All the excitement, party games and of course presents (which Sienna opened within seconds of people’s arrival!) had started to wear the little ones out and that’s where Campbell & Rowley stepped in! We had put together a minion themed buffet of ‘Moon’ Sandwiches, Yellow & Purple Minion Jelly, bowls of crisps, Marshmallow Dollies, a small selection of cheese, Lemon Minion Cup Cakes and a Fruit Platter that our chef worked so hard to try and make look like a minion…but wasn’t quite up to the birthday girls’ standard!

The adults were treated to an afternoon tea affair minus the minions of freshly made sandwiches, scones with butter, jam and whipped cream and mini patisserie of Blackberry & Mint Cheesecakes, Bucks Fizz Macaroons, Passionfruit Tartlets and Chocolate Stones (which are much tastier than they sound!). Sascha herself is Gluten Free and we couldn’t leave her out, so we supplied a range of gluten free cakes including millionaire’s shortbread, chocolate coconut bites, a gluten free country slice and two types of brownie – one of which almost reduced a (slightly sore headed) guest to tears with just how good it was. If we hadn’t have told them it was gluten free they wouldn’t have believed us!

pink and yellow minion 3rd birthday cakeThe party was soon coming to an end when the beautiful cake topped with a minion (of course) was presented to Sienna who made her birthday wish before blowing the candles out. Goodie bags and cupcakes were handed out to the children whilst the adults were making up doggy bags to take home for pre-dinner nibbles!

It’s so special to be able to share such a personal day with Sienna’s family and the Campbell & Rowley team can’t thank you enough for asking us to cater for a second year. It’s a fantastic way to begin our year and we wish you all a fantastic year ahead!

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